Meet XEV Yoyo- The 3D Printed Electric Mini

This is the XEV Yoyo, a 3D-printed electric mini manufactured by Hong Kong-based startup XEV. The production model was presented for the first time in September 2021 at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA – International Automobile Exhibition), in Munich and was also exhibited at the 2022 Paris Motor Show.

In 2020, XEV Youyao Technology and the Hefei state government in China established a joint venture to carry out R&D, production, and vehicle export activities. In 2021, XEV Yoyo entered the European market with a retail price of 13,900 to 15,900 Euros. The cumulative sales volume of that year became the highest sales volume of Chinese new energy brands in Europe, according to the carmaker. So far, nearly 10,000 units have been sold and its cumulative revenue in Europe has already exceeded 100 million Euros.

xez yoyo 0

The Yoyo measures just 2,530mm long, 1,500mm wide, and 1,560mm tall with a 1,680mm wheelbase. The curb weight of the vehicle is just 400 kg. XEV designed the Yoyo focused on three key targets that the company felt needed addressing: Environment, convenience, and individuality. And with a length that’s hardly 2.5 meters, the Yoyo is not only very easy to park but it has a turning radius of less than 4 meters, which makes it really agile for maneuvering within the city.

xez yoyo 1

XEV designed this car using only 57 components. The only parts that are not 3D printed are the chassis, seats, and glass components. The 3D printing materials used include enhanced nylon, polylactic acid, and thermoplastic polyurethane. The door trims can be 3D printed with any pattern or color to meet customer needs.

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Inside there is a flat-bottom steering wheel & a vivid dashboard with a free-standing 7-inch screen along with a mobile phone holder & panoramic roof. There are charging ports and storage space on the center console. While the 2-seater EV has ample head & legroom for two passengers and reasonable storage space at the back.

xez yoyo 3

The interior supports customization through 3D printing, such as the door trims which can be 3D-printed with any pattern or color to meet customer needs. The door trim has a leather strap that acts as an alternative to the traditional door handle. Plus there is an array of 7 bands that form a simple storage space on the door panel.

xez yoyo 2

The battery compartment is located at the rear of Yoyo and houses three 10.3kWh lithium-iron phosphate batteries which can be swapped. Batteries can be swapped for a fully charged set in around 5 minutes at dedicated battery-swapping stations. Charging time, however, is less than 4 hours from 30% to 100% SOC. The maximum range under city driving conditions is 150km while the EV can achieve a top speed of 80km/h.

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Having already seen good success in European markets, the XEV Yoyo is expected to be launched in China within the first half of 2023.

Chinese-spec XEV Yoyo

European-spec XEV Yoyo

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