Mehran Turned Into a Pickup

Necessity is the mother of invention they say, and quite rightly. When you are in a dire need of something, you always come up with some sort of a solution. This ability to come up with these solutions– often called as Jugaar is something we are quite good at.

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The latest seems to be this Mehran, the 800cc hatchback from three-decades back which fortunately got retired in our market earlier this year. The owner of this Mehran which once used to be a hatchback obviously has successfully converted it into a pickup truck for the purpose of supplying milk.

The roof till the B-pillar has kept intact, while the rest of it including the C-pillar has been chopped off resulting in an open cargo bed. Although rear doors are visible, but they have lost their purpose since the upper portion seems to have been welded with the body. Mehran already has a leaf spring suspension setup however the rear of this particular Mehran pickup seems to have been lifted which is done to accommodate the load.

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There were quite a few examples of Mehran converted into a limousine, but seeing it in a pickup guise in something not that common. Nevertheless considering the fact how cheap it is to run and maintain a Suzuki Mehran, it’s quite a practical alteration and might serve the owner its purpose

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