MG Outsells Hyundai & Mitsubishi for the First Time in Australia

Chinese brand MG has claimed arguably its most significant victory to date, overtaking Hyundai and Mitsubishi in the December 2022 new-car sales race in the Australian market. It is the first time any Chinese brand has outsold the South Korean and Japanese car makers in a given month in Australia.

Official figures released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries show MG sold 5,194 new cars in December 2022, which overtook both Mitsubishi (4,927 units) and Hyundai (4,434 units) to claim 5th place in the monthly sales rankings for the first time ever. But Hyundai (73,345 units) and Mitsubishi (76,991 units) still outsold MG (49,582 units) for the full-year sales.

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However, MG’s 49,582 units are its annual sales record as Hyundai posted its third-lowest result in a decade whereas Mitsubishi achieved its best yearly tally in 3 years.


Hyundai was also outpaced by its sister brand Kia for the first time in a full calendar year in Australia, marking a changing of the guard between the two sibling brands. Since Hyundai and Kia arrived in Australia as budget brands in the 1990s, Hyundai has had a significant sales lead over Kia. But the tables turned in 2022 after a decade of sales growth from Kia as Hyundai hit reverse.

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Coming back to MG, the below table shows the significant improvement in sales of MG cars in Australia in each successive year. This also echoes the growing acceptability of Chinese brands among Australian buyers.

  • 2017: 600 units
  • 2018: 3,007 units
  • 2019: 8,326 units
  • 2020: 15,253 units
  • 2021: 39,025 units
  • 2022: 49,582 units up 27.1% (new sales record)

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