Mitsubishi Pajero Allegedly Returning in 2027 as Luxury PHEV

While some people see the bright side and are glad to see Mitsubishi remain alive, others who are more pragmatic realize that Mitsubishi has become just a shadow of its former self.

Mitsubishi was formerly known for manufacturing amazing cars like the Lancer, Galant, and Pajero, that raise the heartbeats. But currently, it only makes a handful of badge-engineered vehicles from its alliance partners Renault and Nissan. Now, however, there are reports that the iconic Pajero might make a comeback in 2027 as an upmarket Outlander with a plug-in hybrid setup. Renowned Japanese publication Best Car cites a source familiar with the automaker’s inner workings for this information.

mitsubishi pajero 5 door final edition 072703170c1008ec

Keep in mind that 5 distinct models bear the Pajero nameplate. The Pajero is a full-size SUV with off-road chops, the Pajero Sport is a midsize model with pickup truck underpinnings, the Pajero iO is a small SUV with Pininfarina styling, the Pajero Junior is a mini SUV based on the Minica kei car, and the kei-sized Pajero Mini is an even smaller take on the Pajero Junior. The only Pajero model still in production today is the Pajero Sport which is sold in a handful of markets.

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Details are quite scarce at the moment but the source claims that Mitsubishi will equip the resurrected Pajero with luxuries and off-road capabilities that would place it in the league of Range Rover. The underpinnings as well as powertrain options will likely be sourced from its alliance partners Renault & Nissan.

mitsubishi pajero sport1

It will be interesting to see how the now-small Japanese automaker, relying on its alliance partners will compete against the likes of established names like Range Rover in a niche market. For that, we will have to wait for a couple of more years to find out.

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