Next Gen Toyota Camry and RAV4 to be Unveiled in 2024

The next-generation Toyota Camry and RAV4 might debut as early as next year. Although Toyota has not made any official announcement about these anticipated vehicles, reports suggest that the 9th-generation Toyota Camry will be released in 2024, and the next-generation RAV4 will be available in 2025.

The Camry has a lot to live up to in terms of style and features because it is one of the few surviving family sedans on the market. To keep up with rivals and shifting consumer preferences, it will be interesting to observe how Toyota develops the Camry in the upcoming generation.

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The TNGA-K platform is anticipated to be upgraded for the new Toyota Camry, putting it in competition with other well-liked sedans such as the Honda Accord and the future Hyundai Sonata. Regardless of the absence of details, it is expected that the upcoming Camry will get some significant interior and exterior improvements to build on the success of the present model.

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On the other hand, the RAV4 has been a popular option for SUV aficionados since it was released nearly five years ago. The RAV4 has remained a pillar of the Toyota brand and its sales are showing no signs of diminishing, particularly in the North American markets. The next-gen RAV4 is expected to boast several improvements in addition to the present model’s fundamentals to remain competitive in the market.

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One intriguing possibility is that the new RAV4 will be Toyota’s first fully electric SUV. This would be a major shift for the brand and a significant improvement in environmental efficiency. Meanwhile, the new Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid is already dominating the RAV4 range and Toyota’s hybrid model lineup, with an unrivaled mix of power and economy. As the current RAV4 is the market leader for SUVs, the next-generation model will need to provide even more to stay competitive.

Camry WM

In Pakistan we don’t get the RAV4 here but the Camry does come as a CBU imported model with the current generation being priced at a whopping PKR 4 crore 75.59 lac. Given the company’s history in offering the Camry as a flagship imported sedan in the country, we can always expect the next generation Toyota Camry to be on the menu here as soon as it arrives in international markets. However, one can always anticipate an even outrageous pricing for the new generation model.

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