Nissan Plans to More Than Double its Factories in Middle East and Asia

Japanese automaker Nissan plans to more than double the number of its factories in the Middle East and Asia by 2022, according to Bloomberg.

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The company currently has three factories in India, Egypt and South Africa. However it wants to add facilities in countries including Pakistan and Algeria, while other markets to follow later. This was said by Peyman Kargar, the Chairman of Nissan in Africa, the Middle East and Indian region.

“We want to more than double our industrial footprint in the Middle East, Africa and Asia  by 2022.”

While the region is one of the smallest markets for global car makers, Nissan produced 6% of its vehicles globally in India in 2016, according to the most-recent data compiled by Bloomberg. Earlier, Kargar have said:

“We have 3.7% market share in the region. The industry sees a 40% rise in total sales volumes, and we are going to be much above the market trend.”

Last year, Nissan partnered with Ghandhara, official announced its entry in Pakistan. Peyman Kargar, who was present at the event had said:

    This entrance to the Pakistan automotive market represents a significant step in the ongoing development of local manufacturing infrastructure and economic activity. We are confident that, with the close collaboration and support of the Pakistani government, will deliver sustainable benefits for the national economy, customers, partners and Nissan. Together with Ghandhara, we’ll be working actively with suppliers to localize and exchange technology and skills, which will provide a lasting benefit to the emerging local component industry.

Recently, Ghandhara Nissan (GNL) Project Director and Senior Executive Director Marketing and Sales Muazzam Pervez Khan, has revealed that commercial production of three Datsun models will begin in the second half of 2020.

“We will begin with the assembly of a 1,200cc Datsun Cross in July 2020 and then roll out the 1,200cc Datsun Go hatchback and Datsun Go Plus seven seater in the next two to three months.”

Earlier in 2018, the Ministry of Industries and Production (MoIP), had awarded Brownfield investment status to GNL under the Auto Development Policy 2016-21 for revival of an existing facility. GNL will reportedly invest Rs 6.5 billion over the first four years, as Nissan and GNL would work together to develop Ghandhara’s facilities at Karachi’s Port Qasim unit into a world-class manufacturing plant.

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This Brownfield project would create around 1,800 jobs. At the initial stages of production, the three above mentioned vehicles will be produced around 15,000 units a year and the capacity will be increased up to 35,000 units during the next five years.

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