Pak Suzuki Prices Revised for the 2nd Time in 2019

Pak Suzuki has revised prices of its vehicles according to a notification sent to the authorized dealerships. This is the second time in year 2019 that the company has revised its product prices. The new prices are applicable on CBU imported, as well as local assembled units.

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The local assembled Suzuki vehicles have witnessed an increase of up to 30,000 whereas that of CBU imported models have been revised by Rs 100,000. Interestingly however, the prices of Cultus VXL AGS and Swift DLX (both manual & automatic) have not been revised. The new prices will be effective from the 1st of April 2019.

Models Old Prices New prices Difference
Mehran VXPKR 7.89 lacPKR 7.99 lacPKR 10,000
Mehran VXRPKR 8.60 lacPKR 8.80 lacPKR 20,000
Wagon R VXRPKR 12.24 lacPKR 12.64 lacPKR 40,000
Wagon R VXLPKR 13.14 lacPKR 13.44 lacPKR 30,000
Cultus VXRPKR 14.10 lacPKR 14.40 lacPKR 30,000
Cultus VXLPKR 15.31 lacPKR 15.51 lacPKR 20,000
Cultus AGSPKR 16.38 lacPKR 16.38 lac
Swift DLX NAVPKR 15.55 lacPKR 15.55 lac
Swift AT NAVPKR 16.91 lacPKR 16.91 lac
APVPKR 30.40 lacPKR 31.40 lacPKR 100,000
Ciaz MTPKR 20.60 lacPKR 21.60 lacPKR 100,000
Ciaz ATPKR 22.00 lacPKR 23.00 lacPKR 100,000
Vitara GLX ATPKR 39.90 lacPKR 40.90 lacPKR 100,000
Jimny JLDX MTPKR 23.93 lacPKR 24.93 lacPKR 100,000

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