Nissan Unveils Hyper Force Electric Concept as Future GT-R

Nissan has showcased 5 concepts at the ongoing 2023 Tokyo Auto Show, one among which was the Hyper Force concept giving us a glimpse of how the legendary GT-R in the age of electrified cars might look like.

Some of its edges feel deadly sharp, and its raw metal finish gleams like an exquisite carving knife. The bottom fascia of the Nissan protrudes like a badly pouted lower lip or a steam train cowcatcher. Its headlights, which resemble the eyes of a hammerhead shark, are tucked far to the side and deep within a set-back grille. With a rigid triangle of flared fenders topped by a fluid rise over the tire, the body lines towards the rear manage to be both geometric and organic.

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Despite having a fairly brick-like overall shape, Nissan claims that the Hyper Force will cut through the wind like the knife it resembles because the NISMO racing team was involved in the design process. Downforce and cooling airflow are managed by the comb-like rear diffuser and the stepped front end. The large wing provides active aero, while a plasma actuator (which utilizes an electrode to control airflow) fine-tunes airflow around the forged carbon wheels for enhanced cornering grip.


Behind the Hyper Force’s vertically opening doors is a cockpit built of forged carbon, with floating laid-back racing buckets with four-point belts and a touch of the backseat. The concept’s tiny steering wheel and surrounding screens have the same squared-off edges as the exterior. In GT mode, the interior illumination changes to blue rather than red, and the interface focuses more on infotainment and cabin comfort. When not being driven, the Hyper Force may be utilized as a VR gaming room, with modes that allow racing without even leaving the garage, which is the high-tech equivalent of sitting in your parked car making vroom sounds, only now you can do it with pals all over the world.

nissan hyperforce concept cover 653891fce646f

The concept’s electric powertrain registers at 1,341 hp (1,000 kW). There’s also an all-wheel-drive system controlled by an advanced version of the Nissan e-4orce electric torque-vectoring system, plus a solid-state battery.  Although Nissan officials refrained from acknowledging that the upcoming GT-R will be powered solely by motors, they did indicate that the company will be keenly observing the responses received by the Hyper Force concept as it plans for future performance vehicles.

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