Subaru Sports Mobility Concept is a Japanese Electric Muscle Car

At this year’s Japan Mobility Show (formerly also known as Tokyo Auto Salon), Japanese automakers have unveiled a flurry of concepts. Honda brought back the Prelude name with an electric sports concept, Nissan teased a future electrified GT-R, and Toyota unveiled the angular FT-Se. Subaru, not to be outdone, unveiled its own design: the muscular Sport Mobility concept, which features boxy wheel arches and striking blue highlights.

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The Sport Mobility concept boasts a strong appearance, with its boxy fenders and squared-off front giving it a gruff demeanor. The blue elements peek out from under the gray bodywork to draw attention to the distinct fenders, front hood vent, and rectangular front intake.

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The forged carbon fiber finish on the front, back, side sills, and aero wheel covers gives the design some visual flair. The headlights are narrow and have hexagonal housings that are reminiscent of rally car auxiliary lights, a sector in which Subaru is well-versed. The back end has illuminated “Subaru” badging and thin taillights that resemble the front. Subaru unveiled a picture of the inside that, with its rectilinear steering wheel, two traditional-looking screens, and an abundance of physical buttons, appears remarkably production-ready.

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However, the actual concept displayed at the booth had its windows fully tinted hinting that there was actually nothing inside the shell. Although Subaru hasn’t shared any technical specifics, it did say that the electric-powered concept will “evoke the evolution of the Subaru Sport values.” The automaker went on to add that the driver will be capable of “controlling all four wheels at will,” implying some degree of all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering.

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