Nissan Unveils the Concept 20-23

Japanese automaker Nissan has introduced the Concept 20-23, a brand-new sporty urban electric concept car, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nissan Design Europe (NDE).

Nissan says the team that worked behind the concept car was given a straightforward brief: create a vehicle with no restrictions that they would like to drive on the streets of the city in which they live. According to the company’s press release:

“The modern twist on this small car playfulness reflects both the world of online racing and Nissan’s participation in Formula E.”

Nissan 20 23 Concept debut 34 850x445

The Concept 20-23, which has a three-door hatchback body shape, has extremely aggressive front and rear aerodynamic features, such as deep skirts that channel wind away from the front of the car, through apertures to cool the brakes, and out via vents just behind the front wheels.

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Headlamps that are comprised of a narrow upper and lower semi-circle join the flat nose at an angle to the top of the hood. According to Nissan, they are enhanced by a focused beam made possible by LED technology, and the turn signal is a component of the same semi-circular LED unit.

Nissan 20 23 Concept debut 35 850x445

The Concept 20-23’s taillights also feature a double semi-circle, giving it a more approachable look to counterbalance its angular front. The huge rear spoiler, which has endplates that curve from almost vertically near the C-pillar down to the inclined horizontal part that generates downforce, is another distinctive characteristic. Other defining characteristics include the prominent wheel arches. Additionally, a covert air intake on the roof provides ventilation to the occupants.

Nissan 20 23 Concept debut 39 850x531

Nissan hasn’t shared actual images of the interior but they are available as design renders. Regarding these illustrations, Nissan claims its designers have produced an interior that accurately reflects the sporty exterior. First, to get into the vehicle, there are two scissor doors that open upward from the base of the A-pillar, and there is a brace bar that spans both door openings.

Nissan 20 23 Concept debut 43 850x477

Then there are 2 deep bucket seats with near-white trim, along with a lengthened steering column, a rectangular sports steering wheel, and paddle shifters for the unidentified electric drivetrain. Two metal beams that are bolted to the “spine” of the automobile that protrude from the floor support the center console, which is situated between the two occupants.

Nissan 20 23 Concept debut 49 850x477

There is no word on whether the Japanese automaker plans to shift this concept into production or whether it will go down in history as just another concept vehicle.

Nissan 20 23 Concept debut 36 850x478

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