OGRA to Suspend Licenses of Companies Selling Substandard Fuel

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) might suspend licenses of oil companies that are selling poor quality fuel to the consumers, according to a media report.

Not only this, OGRA will also impose hefty penalties to these companies.  According to the information OGRA has received the report from the committee investigating this issue.

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The committee collected petrol samples from various filling stations and got these tested from Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan. The purpose was to check whether the claim made by Honda was true or not. Now that the final report has been given to OGRA, it will act according to the recommendations of the committee.

The issue is serious since poor quality fuel is not just limited to cars & their engines, the excessive maganese additives can cause respiratory diseases to people and can affect & damage their brains as well.

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The names of the companies whose licenses are to be suspended are yet to be made public. The credit without any doubt should be given to Honda Atlas for hilighting this major issue.

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