Should FAW Introduce the V2 Cross in Pakistan?

FAW V2 hatchback is currently the only non-Japanese passenger car to be assembled in Pakistan. Introduced in our market back in 2014, the 1.3 liter V2 was initially imported as CBU from China, however since August 2017 the hatchback is being assembled locally.

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Since then the popularity of V2 is on the rise, as people were earlier reluctant to opt for a new brand considering the fact that similar vehicles were launched as CBU by various automakers in the past but quickly perished from the market leaving the buyers in dismay. Proton, Chery, Geely and Chevrolet to name a few.

The local assembled V2 has given a lot of confidence to buyers who were earlier hesitant to go for it. The car offers good value for money in an affordable price tag and more importantly, performs well too.

However the major concern for most of the people is the unavailability of an automatic transmission and off course, lack of trim levels. There are some technical hindrances because of which the automatic transmission option cannot be offered at the moment, according to the company. Better still they can work to offer multiple trims which may help boost the sales of the hatchback while offering additional flavor to the customers.

Automakers around the world offer various trims of a single car in order to cater to diversified consumer preferences. This simply give buyers more reasons to go for a specific car. As far as V2 is concerned, the one which FAW can put on offer is the V2 Cross, the technically same vehicle with same 1.3 liter engine but aesthetically different from the regular V2.


The V2 Cross stands a bit higher on its wheels, got a roofrack, different bumpers, black plastic cladding on wheel arches and bumpers and sporry alloy wheels. Some versions of the vehicle in China came with red taillights instead of the clear ones, while an AMT transmission was available as well.

Although the V2 offers everything you can ask for in a decent price, a sooped up version such as the V2 Cross can always attract buyers who love spending a little extra on a vehicle with improved visual appeal. Do you think Al-Haj FAW should consider offering the V2 Cross in Pakistan?

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