Only a Few Key Automakers to Exhibit at 2024 Geneva Motor Show

The complete list of exhibitors for the Geneva Motor Show, which will begin in Switzerland on February 26th, has recently been released. It’s saddening to see how quickly the incident has lost significance since the COVID-19 outbreak.

What was previously the most significant yearly event on the automobile calendar will only be attended by a small number of well-known automakers. These include MG, BYD, Isuzu, Renault, Dacia, and Lucid. Along with Silence and Totem Automobili, a few other smaller automakers will also be present, including Pininfarina, Microlino, and Kimera Automobili.

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There won’t be many new car announcements during the event, but the most significant ones will be the introduction of the eagerly anticipated Renault 5 and the new MG 3. Given its limited presence in the European market, Lucid’s attendance at the event is a little unexpected. On the other hand, BYD’s presence is almost expected given its desire to become recognized as a major force on the Old Continent.

Geneva 4928

This year’s event, according to the show’s organizers, will put a greater emphasis on the general public than past editions. An “Adrenaline Zone” centered on high-performance cars and motorsport, as well as a “Next World” zone hosted in collaboration with Polyphony Digital that will feature multiple Gran Turismo Vision concepts, are two new features of this year’s show.

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The event’s president, Alexandre de Senarclens, told Autocar that he hopes to restore the event’s status as the most prestigious auto show in the world, even though next month’s display will be smaller than it was before COVID. He said:

“We want to be back as the main international motor show in the world. We had a very important place in that industry before, and we want to regain that. We are convinced that we have an important role to play in the revolution of the motor industry, so the idea is to convince not only the public but also all the other brands that will not participate in 2024.”

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