Pak Suzuki Swift Sales Reduced by -60%

Among local assembled passenger cars, the Pak Suzuki Swift happily sits at the bottom of sales chart. Introduced back in 2010 when this generation already got retired from global markets, the Swift continues to be sold without any significant improvement despite being in production for nearly a decade.

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Swift recorded its highest ever sales in FY2011-12 with 7,040 units sold. Since then however, the figures are nowhere even near. In fiscal year 2018-19 the Swift managed to sell just 4,916 units– about 6 times less than the WagonR (29,206) and 4 times less than that of Cultus (20,483 units).

With the ongoing slowdown in sales, the beginning of this fiscal year is even bad for Pak Suzuki Swift. In the first quarter of FY2019-20, the Swift managed to post sales of only 524 units, whereas it sold 1,293 units in the same period in previous fiscal year. This is a -60% reduction in sales for the 2nd generation Swift in Pakistan which is technically a 15 year old car now.

Elsewhere, the Suzuki Swift is currently in its 4th generation that was officially launched in Japan on the 27th of December 2016 and is already in its third year of production. Reportedly the 4th gen Swift will likely receive a mid-life refresh (facelift) towards the end of this year.

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The 2nd generation Swift in Pakistan has gone past its prime long ago. It was already introduced quite late in Pakistan and since then has remained almost entirely unchanged. For how many more years the 2nd gen Swift will be sold in Pakistan is unknown, however with an ever-increasing price tag which has now breached PKR 2.05 million mark, the sales doesn’t seem to be improving anywhere in future.

Earlier this year, images of new Swift hybrid were seen testing on our roads as it was reported that Pak Suzuki is conducting feasibility study to launch the 4th generation Swift in Pakistan. However with the current slowdown, chances of introduction of a new car look bleak.

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