Pak Suzuki’s Lineup Once Again Becomes 100% Obsolete

Pak Suzuki, the largest auto assembler in Pakistan has always been criticized for selling obsolete models in the country. Suzuki cars including Ravi, Bolan, Khyber, Margalla, Mehran, Cultus MK-II, etc were all globally obsolete models during their presence in the Pakistani market.

For a short while, the Suzuki lineup started to look a bit up-to-date when the Auto Policy was announced in 2016 opening doors to new entrants who would bring some sort of competition to the table. The company then replaced the aging MK-II Cultus with Celerio, Mehran was replaced with the 8th-gen Alto, and new imported models including Kizashi, Ciaz, Vitara, Jimny, and Mega Carry were also introduced. Later, these new CBU imported models were discontinued due to poor sales. And most recently (in 2022) the new Swift was introduced in the country replacing the outmoded model which debuted in global markets way back in 2004.

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However, it has been nearly 8 years since that policy was announced, and almost 7 years since the company started “updating” its lineup in Pakistan. And today, with the debut of the all-new Swift in global markets, Pak Suzuki’s local offerings— consisting of 5 locally assembled vehicles— have once again become 100% obsolete. Don’t believe us, see how.

Suzuki Ravi & Bolan

Suzuki Carry (Ravi & Bolan) in Pakistan vs the new Suzuki Carry

It’s a crystal clear reality that Suzuki Bolan and Ravi, based on the 7th gen Carry from the late 1970s are 45-year-old models on sale only in Pakistan. With Japan & Indonesia having stopped producing parts & components of these cars a long time ago, most of the parts are allegedly being imported from China since Pak Suzuki, after all these years, has so far achieved only up to 70% localization for these models. Though there are reports regarding a possible replacement with the new Carry generation, a formal announcement regarding the discontinuation of the aging duo is yet to be made.

Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R in Pakistan vs the new 3rd-gen Wagon R

The Suzuki Wagon R we have here is the second-generation model based on the Maruti Wagon R & has been around for a decade now. Back in India, the Wagon R entered its third generation in January 2019, but Pak Suzuki has yet to update the version here. The company did display a JDM Wagon R (Stingray) at the Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS) a couple of years ago but no formal announcement has been made regarding its replacement.

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Celerio (Cultus) in Pakistan vs the new Suzuki Celerio

Originally a Celerio, the Pak Suzuki Cultus is also an obsolete model since it is based on the first-gen Celerio, the model that entered its second generation in 2021, pushing the local Cultus to be called outmoded. The company has currently no plans to update the Cultus/ Celerio in Pakistan.

Suzuki Alto

8th-gen Suzuki Alto in Pakistan vs the 9th-gen Alto in Japan

The 8th-gen Alto is not only the bestselling model for Pak Suzuki, but it’s also the highest-selling car in Pakistan. It also happens to be Pakistan’s first and the only locally assembled 660cc kei car. However, the arrival of the 9th-gen Alto in Japan in 2021 made the Pak Suzuki Alto an obsolete offering, not to mention the 8th-gen model debuted in Japan back in 2014. Pak Suzuki currently has no plans to substitute the Alto with a newer generation model.

Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift in Pakistan vs the all-new Swift

And finally the Swift. Introduced in Pakistan hardly a year ago, the Suzuki Swift became obsolete with the debut of the latest generation model late last year. The all-new Swift has been introduced in Japan and European markets and is being spotted testing in India where it likely will be introduced within the first half of this year. However as you would have guessed, the company has no plans to offer the latest model here and the current one will continue to be sold in Pakistan for years to come.

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These antiquated Suzuki models will likely be on sale in the country for a very long time due to industry-wide challenges including continuously declining sales situation, absurdly high car prices, unfeasible financing conditions, the declining purchasing power of the general public, and most importantly, political and economic uncertainty. All these things considered, it is quite difficult for anybody to expect Pak Suzuki to upgrade these models in Pakistan, except only Ravi and Bolan, given sources indicate that the company may introduce replacement models within the next year or so.

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