Suzuki Cultus (Celerio) Becomes a Decade Old

Pak Suzuki has an unending devotion to cars that are ten years old, or more. In Pakistan, the company is notorious for selling globally retired, outdated cars that are typically more than a decade old.

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However, following the announcement and implementation of the Auto Policy 2016-21, which allowed newcomers to enter the Pakistani auto market, Suzuki needed to step up its game, which it did by introducing the Celerio as a replacement for the MK-II Cultus after dragging it for 17 years, not to mention the model’s roots tracing back to the late 1980s. Suzuki also retained the Cultus badge, which was its bestselling nameplate in the country, to be placed on the Celerio hatchback in Pakistan.

Cultus 17 launch
Cultus launched in Pakistan in early 2017

Suzuki also introduced some fresh CBU imported offerings including the Mega Carry pickup, Vitara SUV, and Kizashi & Ciaz sedans, all of which were later discontinued due to poor sales amid high prices and limited set of features on offer (compared to the rivals).

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But since then, Suzuki is back on its well-known track again. Wagon R has been here since 2014 and remains unchanged throughout its life despite this model being discontinued from everywhere else in the world. The 4-decades-Bolan & Ravi continue to be on the menu despite reports circulating in the media for a couple of years regarding their departure.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Pics Launch 5 1280x720
2nd-gen Maruti Suzuki Celerio at 2014 Auto Expo

And now the Suzuki Cultus has officially become a decade old. Though it was launched in Pakistan in February 2017 as Cultus, it’s basically a second-generation Maruti Celerio that debuted at the Auto Expo in February 2014. The Celerio then received a facelift in the Indian market in 2017, as well as a crossover-inspired version called the Celerio X.

celerio x 1
The facelifted 2nd-gen Celerio X

The second-generation Celerio was replaced by the current third-generation model in 2021, however, Pak Suzuki continues to sell the pre-facelift version of the second-generation Maruti Celerio aka Cultus.

celerio thai
Celerio was launched in Thailand in 2014

Though the Suzuki Celerio is still being sold in its second-generation guise in selected markets, its sales have dwindled as the car has gone past its prime. Thailand’s Rayong plant is the only other place (than Pakistan) where this generation of Celerio is still being produced and is exported to a few markets.

2021 Maruti Suzuki Celerio
The 3rd-gen Suzuki Celerio

In Pakistan, the Cultus (Celerio) sales peaked in FY2018-19 with 22,763 units sold, however since then sales have come down to a point where only 6,956 units were sold in FY22-23, the worst-ever figures for the 1000cc hatchback. So far during the first 6 months of this fiscal year, only 1,908 units of Cultus have been sold rendering a monthly sales average of just 318 units. This is a deplorable 44% less than the already dented sales average of 579 units a month in FY22-23. This is a far cry from its peak period sales rate of 1,896 units per month.

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Interestingly, while the monthly sales average was 1,896 units at its peak, Pak Suzuki took 6 months to sell this many units in FY23-24. Sparing Alto, sales for the entire Pak Suzuki lineup are at an all-time low which is quite alarming.

Cultus white ft

For how many more years Cultus (2nd-gen Celerio) will be offered remains to be seen, but with dismal sales, its presence in the market doesn’t serve any purpose for the company as far as earning profits is concerned. Nevertheless, it is difficult to anticipate that Pak Suzuki will introduce a new generation of Celerio (Cutlus) in an effort to improve the faltering sales numbers, considering the current status of the economy, political unrest, and economic uncertainty.

cultus silver

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