Suzuki Alto 660cc Becoming the Fastest to Clock 200,000 Units

The decision to introduce the 8th generation 660cc Suzuki Alto to replace the aging second generation Alto (Mehran) has been undoubtedly the best decision by Pak Suzuki. Launched in June 2019, the 8th gen Alto is the first & only 660cc kei car to be assembled in Pakistan which came as a replacement of the Suzuki Mehran which was around for over 30 years.

The entry-level hatchback has already set several records, breached many, and continues to set high standards, not to mention it is the only reason why Pak Suzuki has been able to sail through the toughest of economic times & a dreadful market slowdown.

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The accolades already include the highest-ever sales in a fiscal year, and the highest-ever monthly sales for any locally assembled car in Pakistan & Pak Suzuki of course, helped the company to post the highest-ever cumulative sales in a year, and the fastest to surpass 100,000 units sales milestone.


Now the Alto is well on course to surpass the 200,000 units sales mark in a record time. According to the PAMA data, an impressive 176,898 units were sold between June 2019 and June 2023.


However, during the first 5 months of this fiscal year FY23-24, Alto has sold 11,306 units only. The Alto might have achieved the 200,000 sales milestone a long time ago if the economic climate had been the same as it was a few years ago. Suzuki Alto has so far clocked 188,204 cumulative units, and with the current pace, it’s quite likely that the feat will be achieved before the end of this fiscal year in June 2024.

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The success of Alto also demonstrates the high demand for smaller & fuel-efficient cars among the masses. Despite not-so-appealing looks, people are even prioritizing Alto over sedans & other larger hatchbacks due to its fuel economy and a rather spacious interior. Unfortunately, newcomers as well as existing players including Toyota and Honda, have always remained reluctant to introduce quality small cars in the market and are largely focused on introducing expensive crossovers that cater to a limited set of buyers with strong purchase power.

8th Generation Suzuki Alto Hatchback Title image

In addition to fostering healthy competition amongst players, the introduction of more compact and fuel-efficient cars onto the market will increase consumer choice within the segment and aid the country in achieving sales volumes eventually uplifting the auto sector.

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