Geely Galaxy E8 Sedan Launched in China

Less than a year after its debut in China, Geely’s sub-brand Galaxy has started selling its first all-electric model – the E8. Starting at a price below $25,000 (175,800 yuan), the Galaxy E8 sedan appears to be particularly elegant, and it boasts some more than adequate EV technology, establishing itself as a legitimate contender in an ultra-competitive Chinese market.

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Geely launched the new NEV (New Energy Vehicle) sub-brand called Galaxy (Yinhe 银河 in Chinese: translating into MilkyWay) targeted towards the mid-to-high-end vehicle market in China. Although its lineup began with two plug-in hybrids – the L7 crossover and the L6 sedan. However, at the time of its debut, Galaxy was already sharing details of a third model in the works – the all-electric E8 sedan.

galaxy e8 3

Measuring 5,010/1,920/1,465 mm and a wheelbase of 2,925 mm, the Geely Galaxy E8 rides on the SEA platform, which underpins Zeekr, Smart, Volvo, Lotus, and other brands’ electric vehicles. These dimensions make it even larger than the D-segment offerings we have here including the Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, and Honda Accord.

Geely Galaxy E8 launched CNC

Galaxy E8 follows the design language of the Galaxy Light concept car. Slim headlamps, a low beltline, a long bonnet line, a smooth roofline aerodynamic wheel covers, and retractable door handles, are its defining characteristics. Thanks to these styling elements, the Galaxy E8’s drag coefficient is just 0.199 Cd, and the only model with a better drag coefficient number is the recently unveiled Xiaomi SU7.


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Inside, the Geely Galaxy E8 has a 45-inch 8K OLED screen with a thickness of just 10 mm. The screen can connect to Meizu’s phones via the Flyme Connect system. Bear in mind Geely acquired Smartphone maker Meizu in 2022. Flyme Connect is basically Geely’s answer to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Galaxy E8’s multimedia system is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip.

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The gear selector sits behind the flat-bottomed steering wheel while the center tunnel has wireless charging pads and a hidden compartment. Other features include an AR-HUD and 12 speakers. The Geely Galaxy E8 also supports the NOA (Navigate on Autopilot) 2.0 and comprises adaptive cruise control, self-parking, etc. This system is guided by 11 satellites launched by Geely.

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The entry-level Geely Galaxy E8 rides on the 400V platform, has a single electric motor on the rear axle for 200 kW, and can sprint from 0-100 km/h in 5.95 seconds. The AWD version features an 800V platform, has two e-motors on board for 475 kW, and can get to 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.49 seconds. The battery can charge up to 180 km of range in just 5 minutes.

galaxy e8 1

The 2024 Geely Galaxy E8 is available in 5 trim levels:

  • 550km PRO – 175,800 yuan ($24,760)
    • RWD, 200kW, 5.95 seconds, 62-kWh LFP battery, 550 km of range
  • 550km MAX – 185,800 yuan ($26,165)
    • RWD, 200kW, 5.95 seconds, 62-kWh LFP battery, 550 km of range
  • 665km Long Range – 198,800 yuan ($28,000)
    • RWD, 200kW, 5.95 seconds, 76-kWh LFP battery, 665 km of range
  • 665km Smart Driving – 218,800 yuan ($30,800)
    • RWD, 200kW, 5.95 seconds, 76-kWh LFP battery, 665 km of range
  • 620km Performance – 228,800 yuan ($32,200)
    • 4WD, 475kW, 3.49 seconds, 75.6-kWh LFP battery, 620 km of range

According to the company, the E8 caters to mainstream users, offering a high-end, high-intelligence, and high-tech mobility experience that exceeds expectations. Initial sales and deliveries of the Galaxy E8 for the Chinese market are set to commence in January 2024, with plans for global expansion soon.

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