Pakistan Faces a Fuel Shortage as Oil Tankers Go on Strike

The suspension of oil product distribution by the oil tankers’ association starting on Monday morning could hit consumers with yet another obstacle to overcome in the midst of historically high prices: a shortage of petroleum products.

According to Abdul Sami Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA), some pumps in Karachi have started to go dry while pumps upcountry have so far been unaffected. There were reports of some obstructions in the distribution of petrol and diesel from the Keamari and Port Qasim terminals, but later, the law enforcement agencies assisted in restoring oil supplies to different regions of the country.

The oil ministry had already been warned by the Oil Companies Advisory Council (OCAC) about potential shortages in oil supplies as a result of the oil tanker strike. Noman Ali Butt, a spokesperson for the Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir regions as well as for the All Pakistan Oil Contractor Association (Islamabad Region), reported that supplies of diesel and petrol have been halted in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

He claimed that there had been verbal communication with the pertinent ministries and that, hopefully, a meeting would be held in the next couple of days to address our complaints. However, the strike is still in effect at the moment. In addition to a freight increase, Mr Butt claimed that the association has asked for a 65%  increase in the current 30% white oil pipeline transportation quota. He asserted that the association also wants to permit the use of outdated vehicles for oil transportation.

Source: Dawn

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