Pak Suzuki Increase Prices From 1st January 2018

Pak Suzuki has revised prices of its vehicles to be implemented from 1st January 2018. The prices have been increased from PKR 10,000 to up to 34,000 on different vehicles.

In a similar move last week, Indus Motors Company (IMC) has also revised prices of their 1.3 and 1.6 liter Toyota Corolla variants. Similar announcement from Honda Atlas is also expected in coming days. The revised Suzuki prices are as follows:

Model Old Price New Price
Mehran VX 6.79 lac 6.89 lac
Mehran VXR 7.32 lac 7.42 lac
Ravi 6.72 lac 7.06 lac
Bolan 7.54 lac 7.64 lac
Bolan Cargo 7.20 lac 7.30 lac
WagonR VXR 10.54 lac 10.74 lac
WagonR VXL 10.94 lac 11.14 lac

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