Petrol Prices Revised with Effect from 1st February 2018

The government has increased the prices of petrol by Rs 2.98 and High Speed Diesel (HSD) by Rs 5.92 for the month of February. The revised prices are applicable from 12:00am tonight, the 1st of February 2018.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had proposed the increase in the rates of HSD by Rs 10.25 per liter, Kerosene oil by Rs 12.74 per liter and Light Diesel by Rs 11.72 per liter on the basis of increase in prices of petroleum products in the international market. The government, however, decided to reduce the impact on the consumers through adjustment in the applicable levies.

The price of High Speed Diesel has instead been increased by Rs 5.92, from Rs 89.91 per liter to Rs 95.83. The product is widely used in transport and agriculture sector and therefore, increase in its price would lead to hike in inflationary rates.

Petrol has been increased by Rs 2.98 per liter from existing Rs 81.53 to Rs 84.51 per liter. The price of kerosene oil has been increased by Rs 5.94 per liter from Rs 64.32 to Rs 70.26 per liter. Whereas the price of Light diesel oil has also been increased by Rs 5.93 from Rs 58.37 to Rs 64.30 per liter.

The petroleum prices were last revised in January 2018 at the start of new year. After the revisions in February, the new prices are as follows:

  Old Prices New Prices
Petrol 81.53/ liter 84.51/ liter
HS Diesel 89.91/ liter 95.83/ liter
LS Diesel 58.37/ liter 64.30/ liter
Kerosene 64.32/ liter 70.26/ liter


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