Pickup Truck Sales Soaring- Toyota Hilux Dominates

Despite massive increase in prices in recent years, the pickup truck segment has witnessed some exponential growth in Pakistan. The segment which comprise of Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max saw 4,881 units sold during the first 5 months of this fiscal year compared to 3,244 units sold in the corresponding period of previous fiscal year rendering a 50.46% improvement in sales.

Isuzu D-Max which still sits below the bottom of domestic sales chart has witnessed sales of 195 units so far during the first 5 months of FY21-22 which is 61% more than 121 units it sold during the same period of previous fiscal year. Compared to this, Toyota Hilux sells at a monthly average of 937 units a month, which is whopping 381% more than the cumulative sales of D-Max during last 5 months.

D Max silver 2

Toyota Hilux saw 4,686 units sold during the discussed period, which is 50% more than the sales of 3,123 units from previous fiscal year. While the Hilux has been a prime choice in the segment doing exceptionally well in the market, it has become an even better product with its facelift that was launched earlier this year offering performance and equipment enhancements over the previous models.

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Particularly its 2.8L, 1GD engine which saw improvements in turbocharger, material & structural enhancements of the cylinder block, the electronically controlled common rail injection system and the exhaust manifold, all this leading to a power improvement of nearly 27hp and 50Nm torque with output enhanced to 201hp and staggering 500Nm. This also has a notable effect on the fuel efficiency which is said to have been increased by 4% in the new Hilux Revo.

Hilux 004

From the looks of it there is no real threat for Toyota Hilux in Pakistan. It is a prime choice as single cabin commercial transport, govt & armed forced quota, as well as an off-roading recreational vehicle. Though Isuzu D-Max finally shows some sort of improvement, its still nowhere even close to troubling the Hilux as far as sales are concerned. Although MG have been hinting the launch of Extender pickup and Changan testing the Hunter, the reputation of Toyota Hilux will be quite hard to shake.

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