Pure Electric FAW A70E Will Be Launched in China in August

FAW is all set to launch the all-electric version of the Junpai A70 sedan in China, called as the A70E in August 2017.

The A70E is essentially based on the A50 sedan with some minor cosmetic changes as far as the visual characteristics are concerned. The car gets a slightly different front grille with a BlueWay emblem. BlueWay is FAW’s low carbon emission & higher fuel efficiency standard just as BlueMotion of Volkswagen. Keep in mind FAW is a joint venture partner of VW in China.

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There is a blue colored E added to the rear emblem and blue colored accents around the grill and bumpers as well. The interior is almost exactly change apart from the gear shifter and meter console.

A70E is equipped with magnetic synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 80kW. FAW claims that the A70E can be fully charged within half an hour and can go up to 280km under efficient driving mode, which as FAW says is more than that of pure electric BMW i3 (200km).

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The A70E is equipped with a heat pump air conditioning system and a non-decoupled brake energy recovery system which can help reduce energy consumption by 50% and extend battery life by 10%.

There is a huge demand of electric vehicles in China, where 507,000 EVs and PHEVs were sold in 2016, a 53% increase from 2015. China now has the largest number of EVs on the road, overtaking for the first time, the number of EVs in the United States. Meanwhile 222,200 EVs and PHEVs were sold in Europe, a 14% increase; and 157,130 units were sold in the United States, a 36% increase from the prior year.

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The launch of A70E will help FAW compete well in China’s highly competitive automobile market. FAW is also working on the electric version of the A70E sibling, the B30EV which is also expected to be launched towards the end of this year.

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