Race to Launch the Cheapest New Sedan in Pakistan

As the Auto Policy 2016-21 is approaching its end, newcomers are speeding up to introduce as many products as they can to avail the benefits of the prevailing policy. So far these newcomers were mainly targeting those with good purchase power, with most of the options priced above PKR 4 million bracket. Now however we will soon be able to welcome sedans that are priced for mass market buyers.

Changan Alsvin

Master Motors which is the company behind introducing Changan branded vehicles in Pakistan is in process of introducing the Alsvin sedan in Pakistan most likely within the next 3 months. Although the company has not yet revealed the prices or technical specs of the 1.5L sedan that will primarily compete against Toyota Yaris and Honda City, the recent news reports suggest that the automaker intends to launch it as the cheapest sedan in the market, ideally to be priced between PKR 2.0 to 2.5 million.

Proton Saga

However Changan Alsvin isn’t the only option that’s bound to be termed as the ‘cheapest new sedan’ in Pakistan. Al-Haj Automotive, the one behind introducing Proton cars in Pakistan is well on course to introduce the 1.3L Saga sedan. Like Changan Alsvin, the Proton Saga is also aimed towards grabbing a decent share of sedan market with an attractively low price tag. No official word from the company regarding pricing is available yet, but as per our sources the base variant will fall around the price tag of Suzuki Cultus which means Proton is eyeing the same price bracket for Saga which Changan is aiming for the Alsvin.


But things won’t just end here. Sazgar Engineering Works is in process to introduce BAIC range of vehicles in Pakistan which includes the D20 sedan that comes in both 1.3L and 1.5L engine options. Elsewhere the D20 comes in hatchback as well as sedan form and has been spotted testing on our roads in hatchback guise multiple times already. However it was recently learnt that the company will be launching the sedan iteration instead of the D20 hatchback. And it will be the third new sedan in our market that is gazing at the same price bracket and as revealed by their Director Marketing, it will cost same as Suzuki Cultus.

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All these sedans are expected to be introduced within the next few months and will be battling to grab the title of being the ‘cheapest new sedan’ in Pakistan. Bear in mind all the 3 new sedans will come available in multiple variants and multiple transmission options, so while the base models will ideally be priced around PKR 2.0 million, the up-spec versions will cost higher but will still fall below PKR 2.5 million mark as revealed by our sources.

If three more options are introduced in a price less than that of the existing Honda City & Toyota Yaris sedans, then it will be a huge boost to the sedan segment that has long remained starved for variety. Plus according to the company officials, these new vehicles will have better equipment on offer when compared to the existing options. But the key thing is the quality & after sales support which will determine the true success of these new sedans in our market. We won’t have to wait too long to see which one of the 3 will actually be the cheapest sedan in Pakistan. Fingers crossed, are you ready to welcome the ‘new’?

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