SAIC Impresses with the IM L6 Driverless Moose Test

IM Motors, an automaker under the umbrella of SAIC Motor of China (the parent of MG), is set to launch the new L6 sedan. In addition to its formal introduction in the Chinese market, which is scheduled for May 2024, the IM L6 will also be introduced in international markets after having made its premiere at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

SAIC appears to be vigorously promoting the car’s capabilities in addition to showing off the IM L6’s “smart digital chassis” and other nearly unthinkable automotive feats. In the latest video, the IM L6 sedan does the moose test at 71 km/h. Perhaps not the most stunning of stunts until you know it was performed without a driver.

IM L6 performing driverless moose test

The moose test, often also called the elk test is an evasive maneuver that sees vehicles rapidly steer around a suddenly appearing obstacle or animal. It has become infamous for highlighting unstable cars and trucks over the decades. The stability test challenges vehicles to remain balanced even as the forces shift dramatically during aggressive steering at high speeds.

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While many popular vehicles have failed while performing the moose test such as the Toyota Rav 4, as well as the first generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class which got overturned at a speed of 60 km/h, the IM L6 successfully does it & more amazingly, did it autonomously.

IM L6’s vehicle motion controller (VMC) in action

The car’s four-wheel steering system most likely contributes to the IM L6’s success. This is a component of the in-house intelligent digital chassis that allows the vehicle to perform tasks like revolutionary parallel parking, on-the-spot 45° turns, and crab walking. The key to achieving such maneuvers is the car’s vehicle motion controller (VMC). After receiving commands it can control motion in six directions (front, rear, left, right, up, down) via coordination between the steering, braking, and suspension.

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Additionally, reports circulated that the IM L6 will be rebadged as an MG vehicle to be released in markets where MG already has a strong presence. We will have to wait & see if Javed Afridi has some plans to bring one here.

Source: CNEVPost

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