Skoda Fabia Might Be Axed Due To Euro 7 Regulations

The upcoming stringent Euro 7 norms are going to put an end to a lot of popular cars in Europe. Now according to the latest report, Skoda is considering axing the popular Fabia hatchback after its long-roofed wagon model was already pulled off a year before.

According to Autocar, Klaus Zellmer, the Skoda boss acknowledged that upgrading the Fabia to comply with Euro 7 requirements would make the supermini too expensive and will drive away customers. Maintaining the B-segment hatchback at a reasonable price “will not be possible” if the draft is approved in its final form. Bear in mind Volkswagen also stated the same thing about the Polo hatchback, a vehicle with a similar mechanical design as that of the Fabia.

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And the same is expected to happen with Seat Ibiza. Although Seat has not made any announcements regarding its plans for the Ibiza, we wouldn’t necessarily expect a bright future for the Spanish supermini, especially given that the recently established Cupra marque is being favored at the expense of Seat.

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Let’s not forget that Audi has already stated it will stop producing the A1 at the end of this model generation, so it appears the VW Group is getting ready to do without a compact ICE-powered vehicle in the not-too-distant future.

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After making changes to the Polo to comply with Euro 7 requirements, VW claimed that the price of the compact car would need to increase by €5,000. Fabia and Ibiza should experience the same situation because all three vehicles are built on the same MQB-A0 platform. However, the European Commission mentions it would cost automakers just €304 to upgrade the standards to Euro 7. This clearly shows a stark difference in stance between regulators and automakers.

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The small EVs that the VW Group plans to sell in 2025 with a starting price of €25,000 in Europe will compete against the Fabia, Polo, and Ibiza on the European market. The VW ID2.all, Cupra UrbanRebel, and Skoda Small have already provided previews of such EVs which will eventually eat the market share of conventional ICE subcompacts.

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