Skoda Introduces ‘Anytime Warranty’ Scheme in India

Skoda has introduced the Anytime Warranty scheme in India. Under this scheme the Czech automaker which comes under the umbrella of Volkswagen Group will provide a 100% manufacturer’s warranty for existing Skoda vehicles in the Indian market. This has been done to strengthen the brand’s bond with Skoda vehicle owners and provide them with complete peace of mind.

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With this scheme in place, any existing Skoda vehicle can receive an additional year or 20,000km of warranty coverage on top of its existing warranty. Moreover, the warranty on the car can also be extended for a total of 8 years or 1,50,000km, whichever occurs first. This scheme is suitable for vehicles that are more than 4 years old. Customers can purchase this warranty package before the vehicle completes 2,252 days or at a mileage of less than 1,30,000km.

Skoda Anytime Warranty

The benefits of this warranty include a 100% manufacturer warranty, repair or replacement of all defective parts as necessary, protection from unforeseen repair costs that are included in the package, and elevated residual value. Moreover, the car will be serviceable anywhere in India. There is also an EMI (equated monthly installment) purchase option for the Anytime Warranty package, and it is transferrable to a second owner.

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However, the Skoda Anytime Warranty doesn’t cover the cost of consumables or wear-and-tear parts such as wiper blades, brake discs, belts, bulbs, brake pads, fuses, clutch discs, shock absorbers, or struts, among other things. The replacement of parts like spark plugs, lubricants, fluids, oils, and refrigerants is also not covered by this warranty unless the replacement for the relevant part is included in the warranty. Additionally, the toothed belt is only covered for any premature failure of up to 1,20,000km.

20191203122202 Skoda showroom

Anytime Warranty will also not be applicable if the vehicle is misused, does not receive routine maintenance, is altered or undergoes any type of modification using non-original parts, is involved in an accident, or sustains environmental damage as a result of fire, flood, inclement weather, or other events.

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