Test Units of Various MG Cars Arrive in Pakistan

Javed Afridi usually teases various MG cars on his social profiles while asking for price suggestions. Of late, these teasers almost turned into memes like “shair aaya shair aaya” analogy as none of the cars teased so far has been introduced in Pakistan.

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Now however it seems the “shair” is really about to make its entry as we have learnt that CBU test units of various MG cars have arrived in Pakistan. According to the import data, the company has imported CBU units of MG6 sedan, MG5 sedan, MG RX8 SUV and two electric vehicles including the MG E-HS and MG Marvel R electric SUV.

Import data showing arrival of various MG cars in Pakistan

According to details, the MG5 sedan has a 1.5 liter engine under its hood mated to a CVT gearbox, while the MG6 sedan has 1.5L turbocharged engine under its hood and was imported most recently on the 9th of this month. However it remains to be seen whether these are the latest iterations of these cars dubbed as ‘Pro’ or regular models which are already on sale in various markets across the globe. On the other hand, the MG RX8 is a proper 4×4 ladder-frame SUV which has a 2.0L turbocharged engine under its hood and is considered a direct competitor to Toyota Fortuner.

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And in order to cash in the benefits of electric vehicles in the new auto policy, MG has also imported two EVs including the E-HS electric crossover and Marvel R electric SUV. MG currently has the ZS-EV in its local portfolio the price of which was slashed from Rs 6,850,000 to Rs 6,250,000 rendering a benefit of Rs 6 lacs, all thanks to the new auto policy which offers:

  • Removal of Additional Customs Duty and AST on import of electric vehicles
  • Just 1% tax on import of EV parts for local manufacturers
  • No Registration and annual renewal fee for EVs in Islamabad
  • 1% sales tax for local made EVs up to 50kwh and light commercial vehicles up to 150 kwh.
  • Only 1% Duty on import of charging equipment
  • No Federal Excise Duty (FED) on Electric Vehicles
  • Duty free import of plant and machinery for manufacturing of EVs

Images of MG cars that can be seen testing on our roads in near future

As per sources, MG will try to tap every possible segment thanks to its diverse portfolio, and will flood the market with CBUs with an idea to capture the market before its able to begin with local production. Though MG’s plant in Pakistan was recently completed and has already started test production of the HS crossovers, what other cars are actually going to be assembled here remains to be seen. While it is indeed a welcome sign to see import of these test units, there is still no MG3 hatchback in the list which was considered as the most anticipated MG car for Pakistani auto consumers and enthusiasts alike.

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