Thailand Witnessed an EV Boom in 2023

Electric vehicles are making substantial strides in capturing market share in Thailand. According to Autolife Thailand, 76,314 units of EVs were sold in the kingdom in 2023 which is an increase of a staggering 684% compared to 2022. For the sake of comparison, 1,056 EVs were sold in Thailand in the whole of 2020, followed by 1,935 EVs in 2021, and 9,729 units in 2022.

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In terms of brands, BYD emerged on top with 30,650 EVs sold last year, followed by Neta in second place with 12,777 EVs and MG in third with 12,764 EVs. Tesla was in 5th place with 8,206 units while Ora of Great Wall Motors rounded up the top five charts with 6,746 electric vehicles sold.

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About the top 10 individual performers, BYD Atto 3 led the way with 19,214 EVs sold, followed by the Neta V in second place with 12,777 units, and BYD Dolphin in third with 9,410 units sold. Ora Good Cat EV was at 5th pace with 6,712 units, followed by Tesla Model Y at 5th place with 5,881 units sold.

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MG 4 EV was in 6th place with 4,833 units, followed by the MG EP in seventh place with 4,475 units. Tesla Model 3 stood in 8th place with 2,324 units while the newly launched BYD Seal was in 9th place with 1,810 units. Last of the top 10 was MG ZS EV with 1,753 units sold in Thailand in 2023.


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