12-Hour Musical Function in Thailand Powered by BYD Atto 3

BYD Atto 3 is the latest sensation in the Thai market. Having conquered several markets with impressive sales in its segment, the Atto 3 is doing wonderfully well in Thailand. The vehicle saw phenomenal response with customers queuing outside BYD dealerships to get their hands on the electric crossover.

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BYD so far has garnered more than 10,000 Atto 3 orders and has already topped the EV sales charts in Thailand. In addition to a number of impressive features the BYD Atto 3 also comes equipped with the V2L (vehicle-to-load) feature.

V2L (Vehicle to Load) function

This functionality in modern-day EVs allows the large batteries in electric vehicles to power external devices, such as domestic appliances. Perhaps the most obvious practical benefit of V2L technology is that it makes amazing camping trips possible.

Atto3 V2L05

With an electric SUV fitted with V2L technology, for example, it would be theoretically possible to drive off-road to a remote camping location and then draw power from the vehicle’s battery to use everyday appliances such as a coffee machine, microwave, or an electric pump for inflating an air mattress. V2L functionality can also have benefits in more serious situations, including rescue and relief efforts during natural disasters or other crises.

Music festival powered by BYD Atto 3

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of BYD Atto 3 and more importantly its V2L function, BYD Rever Automotive – the official partner and distributor for BYD cars in Thailand hosted a musical function that was powered solely by 34 units of the Atto 3. The BYD Atto 3 is capable of a 2.2 kW (10A at 220V) V2L function that essentially turns the car into a mobile power bank. The feature is said to work until the battery reaches 15% SoC (state of charge).

Musical function in Thailand powered by BYD Atto 3 EV

The event took place for 12 hours consecutively and the BYD Atto 3 EVs were able to provide the electricity needed throughout the duration. They were able to power the front stage backdrop, food stalls, a corner to watch movies, and performances (powering audio equipment) on the stage, etc. Commenting on this, Prachanwong Phornprapha, the CEO of Rever Automotive, said:

“Today’s V2L party emphasizes what I’ve said since the first day we brought BYD into the Thai market, that is to show everyone that the use of environmentally friendly new energy can truly create a better life. Now it’s time for us to really push forward Zero Emission. We can bring new technologies to create an environmentally friendly NEV Ecosystem for Thai people, which is one of our main missions.”

According to the company, this is something conventional combustion vehicles cannot do. The successful demo of V2L technology will surely build confidence and reduce anxiety about EVs among Thai auto consumers and will help to further boost the sales of BYD Atto 3 in Thailand.

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