Toyota and Suzuki Rumored to Co-Develop bZ Mini SUV

According to reports, Toyota and Suzuki are working together to produce a “baby” SUV. The Toyota bZ Small Crossover Concept shown below may actually be the production version of this electric model, although details are limited at this stage.

To fulfill the needs of their respective global markets, Toyota and Suzuki work closely together, thanks to their collaboration which allows them to share technology and rebadging vehicles. In Europe, India, South Africa, and Southeast Asia, a number of collaborative projects between the two automakers are already available in the market.

Toyota bZ Small Crossover 1 2048x1152

The bZ Small Crossover was one of the 16 Toyota and Lexus concepts unveiled at a special event in December 2021. It was displayed as a static, full-size prototype with blacked-out windows and in digital renderings, signifying the upcoming addition as the smallest member of the entirely electric bZ (beyond zero) lineup. According to the Japanese publication BestCarWeb, Toyota wants to take advantage of the popularity of small cars in the home market and Suzuki was chosen as the perfect partner for joint development because of its expertise in producing small cars.

Toyota bZ Small Crossover 2 2048x1152

The bZ Small Crossover was designed with an eye toward the European and Japanese markets, according to Toyota’s statement at the time of its unveiling. Besides stating that it was based on the eTNGA architecture and had a target power consumption of 125 Wh/km, the company did not provide any other information at that time.

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Highlighting its intensified electrification strategy under the leadership of the new Toyota CEO, the report says the Baby SUV aka bZ Small Crossover is expected to make its debut in 2025. Toyota will also introduce at least 10 new EVs including the bZ Small Crossover by 2026.

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