Toyota Cars Prices in Pakistan Revised by up to PKR 830,000

Following price revisions by Al-Haj FAW and Honda Atlas, Indus Motor Company (IMC) have now announced the revised prices of Toyota cars assembled in Pakistan. With the latest increase, the prices of Toyota cars in Pakistan have witnessed a revision of up to PKR 830,000. The new prices are effective from the 28th of June 2019.

Car prices are being increased quite frequently ever since the Rupee started to show a decline against US Dollar, and as always local automakers are too quick to pass the impact on the consumers. However considering the recent trend, the prices of most vehicles are now beyond the purchase power of the masses.

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And with the FED coming into play, car prices are going to be even more expensive. A 2.5% FED is going to be imposed on vehicles up to 1000cc engine capacity, 5% FED on vehicles with 1001 to 2000cc engine capacity and 7.5% FED on cars above 2001cc engine displacement.

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