Toyota Corolla Altis X Package Prices Revealed

As previously reported, the 11th gen Toyota Corolla in Pakistan is set to become expensive from January 2021 with the introduction of the second facelift labeled as the X package.

The refreshed local assembled 2021 Toyota Corolla will be reminiscent to the Taiwanese Corolla Altis X model from 2017. It will get tweaked front bumper with an inverted trapezoidal air dam & a rear bumper extension with a rather overly done diffuser. The top-spec variant will get more goodies such as rear parking sensors and seatbelt reminders for front passengers as well with an all black interior.

The Taiwanese-spec Corolla Altis X from 2017

Although in our previous post, we speculated an increase of Rs 50,000 however the price increase will reportedly range from Rs 60,000 to up to Rs 100,000 depending on the variant. See below:

Variant Previous Price Revised Price Price Increase
Corolla Altis 1.6 MT Rs 3,159,000 Rs 3,219,000 Rs 60,000
Corolla Altis 1.6 AT Rs 3,309,000 Rs 3,369,000 Rs 60,000
Corolla Altis 1.8 MT Rs 3,479,000 Rs 3,549,000 Rs 70,000
Corolla Altis 1.8 CVT Rs 3,629,000 Rs 3,699,000 Rs 70,000
Altis Grande 1.8 CVT
(Beige Interior)
Rs 3,899,000 Rs 3,979,000 Rs 80,000
Altis Grande 1.8 CVT (Black Interior) Rs 3,899,000 Rs 3,999,000 Rs 100,000

2021 Toyota Corolla Altis X in Pakistan

The deliveries are set to commence from the mid of January 2021. Toyota Corolla is expected to see competition in form of few new sedans, however the company hopes that the facelift will help maintain sales before the 12th generation model replaces it. Bear in mind the 12th gen Corolla sedan is already more than 2 years old in international markets now and Pakistan is left among the very few markets where the 11th gen model is still being sold.

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