Toyota Indonesia Begins Exporting New Yaris Cross

The all-new 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross which was recently launched in Indonesia, is now headed for export destinations. The B-segment SUV which comes in pure petrol form as well as a hybrid will be exported to Asia and Latin America.

At the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) Karawang 1 and 2 facilities, a ceremony took place to formally kick off export production. According to Autonetmagz, the lithium-ion hybrid battery in Yaris Cross is assembled locally at the Karawang 2 plant, while the engine is made in the Karawang 3 factory.

2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Indonesia debut official 7 850x568

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Both the hybrid and ICE versions of the Yaris Cross have 80% local content. As per information, TMMIN now has 116 local vendors including 12 new suppliers after investing Rp 2.5 trillion. Over 22,000 Yaris Cross vehicles will be shipped by Toyota to South American and Asian countries, and 40,000 vehicles will be exported by 2025, according to the company. TMMIN anticipates a 5% increase in total Indonesian exports to 316,000 units this year.

all new yaris cross

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