Toyota Pakistan Plant to Remain Closed Indefinitely

Indus Motor Company (IMC) in a public notice has announced that their assembly plant in Pakistan will remain closed for an indefinite period of time due to their supply chain being impacted by the coronavirus crisis and the current lockdown imposed by the government.

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Auto assemblers in Pakistan including IMC have been observing plant shutdowns since the 23rd of March, and while it was assumed that the production activities might get resumed in April, the situation doesn’t seem to be in favor of the local auto industry.

And while the production has been closed for almost 3 weeks already, and the pant no longer in operations, IMC has recently given a substantial push in prices which have made the local assembled Toyota cars become expensive by up to Rs 500,000.

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However the company has given clarification in their notice regarding prices which reads:

“Due to the international economic conditions and the fluctuation in the FOREX index, regretfully the prices of our products and vehicle range are being revised. The new prices will not affect any full payments made however if a customer requires a refund, they may approach our Customer Assistance Center (CAC) which will process a complete refund without any penalties or deductions.”

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