Toyota to Launch Yaris GR4 on 10th January 2020

Toyota is all set to launch the much anticipated GR Yaris as the unveiling ceremony will take place on 10th January at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, according to reports. However its debut is expected much sooner on the 15th of December during the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival Japan 2019.

The GR4 Yaris was seen testing at the Nürburgring in July earlier this year wearing the funky tri-color camouflage, while later the regular 4th gen model was launched in Japan in October. Earlier this month, a teaser video of the Yaris GR4 was also released.

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Although the one seen on Nürburgring earlier this year was a 4-door model, however the latest teaser shows a 2-door version which lead us to assume that the GR4 Yaris will be available in multiple configurations.

Technical details remain scarce at the moment however it is generally believed the GR Yaris will employ an all-wheel-drive system and some mechanical upgrades adapted from WRC. Output is expected to come from a four-cylinder engine mated to a manual gearbox sending power to both axles.

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Bear in mind in Toyota’s sports car hierarchy, GRMN is the flagship range, above the midrange GR and the entry-level GR Sport. Earlier this year Toyota had announced to launch performance versions of each of its core models even including some of the hybrids. Toyota, once known for simple and to-the-purpose cars is on path to drastically change its image and consumer perception.

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