Toyota Will Be Ready for 100% EVs from 2035

The chief operating officer of Toyota Motor Europe recently shared some information about the potential launch date for the automaker’s 100% EV sales strategy— the critical question on everyone’s mind.

Toyota has lagged in fully electric car technology despite having established itself as a pioneer in hybrid technology with the debut of the Prius in 1997. However, the Japanese automaker has intensified its EV strategy over the past few weeks with a number of announcements under the leadership of newly elected CEO Koji Sato.

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Toyota has acknowledged the need to add all-electric models in its lineup even though it is staying with a hybrid approach that includes PHEVs and fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs). It would also develop its dedicated EV platform to power its next-gen electric cars. The platform, set to be launched in 2026, corresponds with its newly announced EV battery tech plans.

Toyota bZ4X

By 2027, Toyota aims to have two next-gen EV batteries – a performance and popularized version. Compared to the battery used for the bZ4X, Toyota says its next-gen batteries will increase driving range by 20%, with a 20% to 40% cost reduction. The information was released shortly after numerous Toyota shareholders declared their intention to vote to remove chairman Akio Toyoda due to the automaker’s failure to set an all-electric vehicle transition timeline.

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Toyota Europe COO Matt Harrison indicated the automaker does not support the Euro 7 standard put out by the EU to reduce harmful emissions during an interview at the Automotive News Europe Congress. The Euro 7 vehicle exhaust emissions standard, which is part of the European Green Deal, was created to support ultra-low emissions with tougher regulations.

Fuel Cell Sedan Matt Harrison Paris motor show scaled

Harrison stated that he anticipates that the new rules will be “something more realistic” or scaled back. According to the present regulations, by 2030 manufacturers must cut CO2 emissions by a minimum of 55% from 2001 levels. The head of Toyota Europe predicts that Toyota’s EV market share in Europe would increase from 0% in 2022 to 15% in 2025 and 55% in 2030. According to Harrison:

“We will be ready to sell 100% BEVs (battery electric vehicles) from 2035”

Harrison further asserted that there is no point in localizing production until it reaches the appropriate scale, and at 15% in 2025, we wouldn’t be there yet. He noted that the Japanese manufacturer has no immediate plans to manufacture EV batteries in Europe. However, it might be a possibility in the future.

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Analysts say Toyota is still not sounding overly enthusiastic about the notion of switching to all-electric vehicles, but it is accepting it as a possibility. In either case, becoming 100% electric by 2035 will still be a long way off, and Toyota runs the risk of getting farther behind if it doesn’t start shifting its manufacturing capacities to support EVs.

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