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Toyota Yaris Crowned as UK’s Most Reliable Car

The 4th gen Toyota Yaris hatchback has been crowned as the most reliable car among UK’s best-selling cars, according to vehicle experts at MotorEasy.

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According to report, the Yaris was found to have a superb reliability rating which was almost double compared to that of its nearest rival, the Ford Fiesta. Other popular models up the top 5 most reliable cars found on UK roads included the Vauxhall Corsa and Astra.

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Commenting on this, Duncan McClure Fisher, founder and CEO of MotorEasy said:

“The Yaris scored well due to “lower frequency for repairs”. Plus, Yaris also featured “lower repair costs” which would be affordable to the majority of road users.”

Fisher went on to add that “these top 10 models have a combined 8.5million licensed for use on UK roads, and for good reason – they are seen as dependable vehicles from trusted brands.”

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To accurately rank these cars, experts have developed their own reliability index which was used to determine an outright winner. The tool took into account the cars dependability and the cost of repairs across 1,200 models. Each model was then given a reliability score ranging from -100 for a car where something is likely to go wrong to +100 for most reliable & safer models.

Toyota Yaris hatchback in UK

Data reveals that Toyota Yaris fared best, with lower repair costs as well as a lower frequency for these repairs. Yaris emerged on top with a score of +37, followed by Ford Fiesta on +20. Vauxhall Corsa grabbed a reliability score of +10 followed by Ford Focus scoring a +5. Vauxhall Astra posted a score of +3.5 with the Mini One averaged a reliability rating of +3.

Source: Express UK

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