Two Chinese Cars Among Finalists For the 2024 European Car of the Year Title

Out of 28 nominees announced earlier, two Chinese cars have been selected among the finalists for the 2024 European Car of the Year award.

The winner will be announced on the 26th of February 2024 at the Geneva Motor Show. Keep in mind, out of the aforementioned 28 nominees, there were 7 Chinese cars— the highest number representing a 25% share of all contenders, followed by 5 Japanese, 5 German, 3 Korean, 1 Amercian & the rest from 6 different European automakers.

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One must be wondering why the Smart #1 EV and Volvo EX30 are considered Chinese cars among the 28 nominees. It’s because they underpin a Chinese architecture (SEA) and use many Chinese components (batteries, e-motors), while a Chinese company (Geely Group) is responsible for the mass production of these models.

ellectric Volvo EX30 11

Coming back to the finalists, Volvo EX30 and BYD Seal, together with 5 other cars will compete to win the coveted title. The 7 finalists are:

  1. BMW 5-series
  2. BYD Seal
  3. Kia EV9
  4. Peugeot 3008/ e-3008
  5. Renault Scenic
  6. Toyota C-HR
  7. Volvo EX30

byd seal

The above lists consist of 2 Chinese, 2 French, and 1 each representing German, Japanese, and South Korean automakers. A jury panel comprising 59 journalists from 22 countries will vote for the winner of the European Car of the Year award. The decision will be made after another round of months-long test drives of these vehicles.

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