User Review: FAW V2 of Laraib Imtiaz

About the Owner:

Syed Laraib Imtiaz is a Technology Innovator and Consultant, living in Karachi and is a true petrolhead. He owns a 2018 model Pakistan assembled FAW V2.

Why this car instead of other available options…

The features it offers in the given price. I had considered Suzuki Cultus, Wagon R and other imported options but FAW V2 stood as the clear winner. It looked like a tough decision at the start but it was all pretty straight forward at the end.

About how the vehicle looks?

Its a very neutral looking car that appeals to everyone. It looks like a modern bug with a front engine layout. The design is modern and very European with those clear back lamps and fogs.

The Experience..

With over 3,000 kilometers done within city so far, it’s all smiles. Had a couple of issues when the heater used to turn on automatically and the 2nd gear was hard. But now both issues have been fixed by the dealership. There is slight rattling noise in the interior now but nothing major. Interior is very spacious and the car is a pleasure drive. In fact it’s so pleasurable to drive it’s quiet honestly the VW Golf Gti of Pakistan! I get 13 to 14.5 km/liter from my car in city, though haven’t tested on highways yet.

Things I miss, or improvement the company should make..

I guess this car is now due a facelift. Change the rims and bumpers perhaps. The change towards black interior was refreshing though, I would still prefer my grey one. An armrest would be fantastic, perhaps even an Android player?

Will you buy another FAW vehicle?

Yes I would, definitely.. If it provides the same value for money.

Recommendation to others..

FAW V2 is overall a good car to have in this price. I have been recommending this car to anyone who is looking to buy a nice family hatchback.

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