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User Review: FAW V2 of Manzoor Ali Mashori

About the owner:

Manzoor Ali Mashori is a seasoned Banker by Profession holding an overall experience of over 12 years. He is settled in Karachi for the last 17 years. Manzoor is the first owner of a FAW V2 model 2017 from the very last batch of CBU imported V2 units.

Why V2 instead of other available options?

One can not buy someone’s trust. If you own one of local manufacturing giant’s product and driving it with satisfaction, its not an easy decision to opt for a new entrant, especially when its from China. Because the ‘Made in China’ factor comes to mind as its generally associated with substandard products.

In 2015 i came across a new entrant in hatchback market, the V2. I immediately rushed to FAW South Motors with a friend having a sound knowledge regarding automobiles. However after a thorough inspection of V2, my decision to buy that car was strongly opposed.

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Then in May 2017, I started thinking to switch to a new vehicle and again FAW V2 came into my mind. After a massive research on my own and feedback from prevailing users, I immediately made my mind and bought it without asking for anyone else’s opinion about it as it was entirely my own decision.

About how the vehicle looks?

Won’t mark it bad nor best, its a hatchback with good looks. Some people say, the looks don’t attract at all, I tell them, it doesn’t repel at all either 🙂

The experience so far..

Experience is so far so good. I count myself one of the proud owners of V2. All components are far better than Suzuki Cultus that I was owning prior to FAW V2.

Are spare parts expensive?

As per my experience with other local manufacturers, cost of genuine parts are always on a higher side as compared to pirated ones available in local markets. Alhamdulillah so far I have never been into a situation to buy parts from 3S dealerships of FAW however as per my knowledge cost of genuine spare parts are at par in comparison with same category of local cars.

People will say that spare parts are costly, however the reason is that we all are used to buying true copies of parts from local market in lesser price. And when it comes to genuine parts from 3S dealerships, the prices are higher for all local manufacturers. You will find people saying that V2 parts are costly as the users can’t find it anywhere else except the 3S dealerships.

How much the car has been driven so far?

I have done more than 25,000 km in just 14 months. My city commute is 20 km a day, rest of drive is on highways. I have been to Islamabad and Northern areas from Karachi twice in 2017-18. I took my V2 upto Hunza in a consecutive 2 day drive from Karachi in March 2018 and it never disappointed me at a single point of time through out the drive. The car was driven 4,600 km in that trip in 8 days covering all sorts of terrain.

About the fuel consumption..

Fuel Consumption directly relates to driving style and traffic conditions. I have been driving on AC throughout and have been getting around 11 km/l within Karachi’s massive traffic drive.

Have an entirely different opinion for highway drives. The higher the speed, lesser will be the fuel average. Whenever I drove on an average of 120 km/h with AC the average was 12-13 km/l, and the fuel consumption is better if average is 100 km/h. So far the worst I got on highway was 11.5 km/l and the best I got was 16.8 km/l.

Things I miss, or improvements the company should make..

First and foremost- an automatic variant is dire need of market. Not automatic vehicle is available in this price range with such appealing features among locally assembled hatchbacks. Talking about available variant, certain things were missing in imported units that are mostly now covered in local assembled ones.

However still there is room of improvement in cabin insulation as cabin wind noise persists. Several complaints of unwanted tik-tuk noises are shared by new users on various forums. Moreover gear with a higher friction is also a problem in most of the newly sold units that needs to be addressed before delivering the vehicle.

Will you buy another FAW vehicle?

FAW has a variety of models in international market, and I will surely buy another one if better and more competitive models are introduced in our local market.

Recommendation to others..

FAW V2 is simply the best value for money.

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