VinFast Wins “The Rising Star” Award at 2022 Paris Motor Show

VinFast, the first Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, received the Autobest “The Rising Star” award at the 2022 Paris Motor Show. The award is to recognize the rapid emergence of VinFast: from a newcomer to leading the pack of ambitious new automotive brands in Europe.

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The Autobest jury of experienced European automotive journalists made their decision based on criteria such as business strategy, product line-up, commercial readiness, and credibility. Autobest acknowledged VinFast for its commitment to European markets with more than just a single car: its electric vehicle range spans the segments.

VinFast wins 2022 Autobest “The Rising Star” award

The jury also noted VinFast’s purchasing flexibility, innovation, environmental focus, infrastructure, servicing, and customer support. Earlier at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, VinFast also received the Autobest “A Star Is Born” award when the company debuted its first two concept cars.

After only 4 years, VinFast has achieved a great leap on its global expansion journey: from two models of internal combustion engine cars to an all-electric range; from a start-up to a driver of the global transition to electrified mobility. This milestone marks a significant development by Vietnam’s only global automotive brand. Dan Vardie, Autobest Chairman commented:

“In 2018, VinFast debuted with a bold plan that would traditionally take a long time to deliver. But only 4 years later, we acknowledge VinFast’s spectacular rise not only as Vietnam’s first global vehicle manufacturer, but also as one of the world’s first to stop production of internal combustion vehicles in favor of an all-electric strategy.”

According to Dan Vardie, VinFast has moved at an incredible speed, from building a highly-automated manufacturing complex with leading scalability in the region, embarking on partnerships with globally-recognized suppliers, to announcing an all-electric line-up and a robust European launch strategy. Vardie went on to add:

“VinFast has proved itself to be leading the pack of ambitious new automotive brands. We are delighted to present the team with this award and to formally welcome them to Europe.”

Vingroup Vice Chairwoman and VinFast Global Chief Executive Officer Le Thi Thu Thuy said:

“We are delighted to be recognized as one of the industry’s youngest, most vibrant automotive brands. This award not only recognizes the hard work of VinFast to electrify mobility, but also marks a Vietnamese brand on the world automotive industry map. We commit to continuous innovation to provide excellent products and an optimal customer experience, while accompanying our European and global customers on their journey towards a sustainable future.”

VinFast’s return to the 2022 Paris Motor Show represents an astonishing rise for the company: from start-up to a pioneering position at the forefront of the global transition to electrified mobility. This remarkable journey is enabled by the speed, determination and ambition of a Vietnamese brand, VinFast’s global intelligence network, and a commitment to a sustainable future for the planet and generations to come.

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