VW Tipping a 1.0L 3-Cylinder Polo Sedan, What if Pakistan had?

While there are reports regarding Volkswagen putting an end to the Polo sedan in European markets by the end of this decade due to upcoming stricter European emission regulations, at the same time the German automaker is making Polo even more enticing for emerging markets, such as the right-hand drive South Africa.

2022 VW Polo sedan header 1

Volkswagen intends to introduce a 1.0L turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine with a 6-speed Tiptronic transmission, that will cater to the need of consumers seeking more power and torque without compromising fuel efficiency. The 115hp/ 178 Nm powerplant has been around since 2015 and has been employed in various VW monikers, such as the MK7 Golf, Mk6 Polo, VW Virtus as well as Skoda Slavia. The automaker claims a fuel economy figure of 15.8 km per liter.

polo sedan 2

With this configuration, the VW Polo sedan seems to be a perfect fit for introduction in Pakistan, where sedans are still quite popular, and having a fuel-efficient 1.0L turbocharged engine under the hood will help attract a larger consumer base. Regrettably, though, Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles that were going to be marketed in Pakistan courtesy of Greenfield status—awarded as a result of the Auto Policy 2016–21—will not be introduced in the country.

vw consul
German Consul General visiting the under-construction VW plant near Karachi

The construction of the VW plant near Karachi was also underway, although it was progressing at a turtle pace. Last year, the Consul General of Germany, Dr. Rüdiger Lotz visited the under-construction plant, it was informed that the facility would be completed by 2024 with an annual production capacity of 32,000 units. However, it was later reported that the company Premier Motors (VW’s local partner) shelved the plans to introduce locally assembled Skoda and VW vehicles in Pakistan.

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Uncertain and inconsistent government policies, as well as the hostile political & economic climate of the country, which makes it difficult for most companies to operate locally, were said to be among the vulnerable causes behind VW’s exit from Pakistan, even before making a formal entry. In addition, Renault by Al-Futtaim and Datsun project by Ghandhara also suffered a similar fate. For the time being, all we can do is hope that VW decides to tap into the Pakistani market once more, especially with their more affordable models like the Polo, which is available as a sedan as well as a hatchback.

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