Will Honda Discontinue the BR-V and HR-V in Pakistan?

Honda is having a terrible time selling both the BR-V, which remains among the bottom residents of domestic sales charts, as well as the relatively newer HR-V which is severely struggling to find buyers.

The HR-V was introduced in Pakistan in October 2022 in an effort to establish Honda’s presence in the thriving crossover segment. The BR-V however, has been there since April 2017, and being a 7-seater was primarily up against the locally assembled FAW Sirius Grand as well as the imported Toyota Avanza and Suzuki APV.

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The BR-V did enjoy a momentous success before crashing to the bottom of domestic sales charts, but the new HR-V despite having over a year & a half of presence in the market is yet to pick up sales. In the first two months of calendar year 2024, Honda has managed to sell only 274 units of the duo combined.

br v hr v

Compared to this Hyundai has sold 522 units of Tucson alone in the first two months of CY24, and even 438 units of the super-expensive Santa Fe. This renders that sales of Hyundai Tucson and Santa Fe despite being priced higher are nearly 4-times, and 3-times higher than the Honda duo respectively. Bringing Haval SUVs into the debate, Sazgar has sold 1,373 vehicles (H6 and Jolion), which is 8 times more than Honda was able to move off its showroom floors with the combined number of HR-V and BR-V models.

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So far during the first 8 months of this fiscal year, only 1,221 units of HR-V and BR-V (combined) have been sold rendering a dismal monthly average of just 152 units combined. Hypothetically, assuming 50% of sales are distributed between the two, the sales average of HR-V and BR-V turns out to be 76 units only, which is hopeless, to say the least.

The question is, with such dismal numbers is it viable for Honda to keep dragging these two models in Pakistan? Not to mention, the pricey Civic model is struggling too but with a monthly sales average of around 304 units, and considering the profit margins it returns, is a much more lucrative option for the company to keep it alive on the menu. Bear in mind the 6th gen City is currently the highest-selling Honda model in Pakistan with a monthly sales average of around 980 units.

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Honda needs a complete overhaul in strategies for the BR-V and HR-V. The company needs to bring in the latest generation model with improved looks and enhanced features as Pakistan is currently the only market where this obsolete generation BR-V model is being sold. As for HR-V, the company might need to revisit the pricing and improve the safety equipment & features on offer which are woefully lacking in comparison to its competitors.

honda hr v pk

Given the assembly processes involved, an average monthly sales volume of around 70 units—assuming that less than 3 units must be produced daily to meet this level of demand—is not at all feasible for any carmaker. Perhaps it’s about time Honda gets really serious about these two.

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