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Will Kia Niro be the Answer to Upcoming Toyota Corolla Cross?

Kia-Lucky is reportedly in process to introduce up to 4 new cars in Pakistan before the expiration of current auto policy in June 2021.

The South Korean automaker has already created a buzz in the local automotive scene with their convoy of 4 camouflaged vehicles running along the roads of major cities of Pakistan. The heavily marketed campaign captioned #WeAreUnStoppable gives us a hint of what Kia might possibly be introducing in Pakistan.

Kia Niro hybrid in Karachi

One of the vehicles included in the convoy was the Niro hybrid subcompact crossover, which was also showcased at the 2019 PAPS show in Karachi. However with Indus Motor Company (IMC) in process of introducing the imported Toyota Corolla Cross in Pakistan, the Kia Niro if introduced can be a perfect answer to the upcoming Japanese hybrid which is expected to be priced in the north of PKR 8.0 million.

When it comes to crossovers & SUVs, Kia seems to have an edge with a vast variety of options, probably more than any other players in the business. The company is currently enjoying the success of Sportage whereas it is in process of introducing the Sorento mid-sized crossover SUV in January 2021. Though at this stage their isn’t an official announcement regarding the introduction of Niro, however according to sources Kia will launch up to 4 more vehicles in Pakistan including Sorento SUV, Cerato sedan, Niro hybrid and perhaps one other vehicle before the auto policy expires in June 2021.

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Designed almost entirely by Peter Schreyer at Kia’s Frankfurt studio, the production version of Niro debuted at 2016 Chicago Motor Show as a subcompact hybrid utility vehicle & went on sale from 2017. In terms of dimension, Kia Niro measures 4,355mm in length, 1,805mm in width and 1,545mm in height while having a wheelbase of 2,700mm.

Kia NiroToyota Corolla Cross

In comparison with Corolla Cross, the Niro hybrid is slightly shorter in dimensions but has a longer wheelbase than the Toyota hybrid which will result in a better interior space for passengers.

Kia Niro uses a hybrid powertrain with a 1.6L (104hp) engine assisted by an electric motor resulting in a combined 139hp output. By using lightweight materials, including high strength steel and aluminum, the Niro is able to deliver up to 23 km in a liter.

Also interesting is the fact that in addition to hybrid, the Niro comes available in plug-in hybrid and all-electric versions and with government approving the first electric policy giving incentives on EVs, the Niro can open doors for Kia to begin introducing its range of electric vehicles in Pakistan.

Kia-Lucky is yet to make an official announcement regarding the introduction of Niro hybrid, however if launched, it will help them create an even tighter grip on the crossover SUV segment in Pakistan.

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