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Winners & Losers of January 2021

Sales of local assembled automobiles witnessed a strong start to the new calendar year with 44% increase in January 2021 according to the data released by PAMA (Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association).

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The first month of the new calendar year saw sales of 14,543 units compared to 10,095 units sold in the first month of previous calendar year. On month-on-month basis, sales were up 26% compared to the numbers from December 2020.

Each month we bring you the Winners & Losers comparison, where winners are those which saw an improvement in sales over the previous month and losers being those which witness a decline. While the beginning of New Year saw a decent improvement in sales, some still witnessed a decline from preceding month.

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It is pertinent to mention that most newcomers including Kia, FAW, Changan, United & Regal etc are not yet members of PAMA hence their sales data isn’t reflected in the charts. Let us have a look at the winners & losers of January 2021 according to PAMA sales data.


Model December 2020 January 2021 Difference
Suzuki Swift 74 364 391%
Toyota Yaris 1440 2992 107.77%
Suzuki Bolan 595 986 65.7%
Honda BR-V 235 387 64.6%
Honda Civic & City 1529 2063 63.8%
Toyota Fortuner 269 419 55.7%
Isuzu D-MAX 20 30 50%
Suzuki Alto 2954 3827 44.19%
Suzuki Wagon R 939 1316 40.14%
Toyota Hilux 497 516 3.8%
Hyundai Tucson 388 393 1.28%

The biggest jump was observed with Suzuki Swift and Toyota Yaris, sales of both were increased drastically. This was followed by decent month-on-month improvement from Suzuki Bolan to all the way to WagonR in the above chart. Hyundai Tucson and Toyota Hilux both saw a marginal improvement in sales.


Models December 2020 January 2021 Difference
Suzuki Cultus 1921 1470 -23.4%
Toyota Corolla 1795 1525 -15%
Suzuki Ravi 1111 1050 -5.49%
Hyundai Porter 123 122 -0.8%

Suzuki Cultus and Toyota Corolla both saw a considerable reduction in sales even in the first month of the New Year. Sales of Suzuki Ravi also got reduced slightly whereas Hyundai Porter saw just 1 less unit sold compared to the sales from previous month.

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