World’s Bestselling Cars of Year 2020

This is the list of top 10 bestselling cars in 2020 from around the world, based on the collective number of cars sold in a calendar year. Courtesy Focus2Move the list is compiled using the Global Auto Database with sales data by region/area/country broken down by type/size/body-style/brand/model. Data are collected by over 300 sources, including all the official providers (local Minister of Transportations or Associations of car Manufacturers).

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Although the year 2020 was badly hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic with global automobile sales considerably reduced to due halt in production & lockdowns, still the Toyota Corolla emerged on top once again as the world’s bestselling car of the year in 2020.

Toyota Corolla which has been on top since many years lead the scene with 1,097,556 units sold, down 10.5% from the previous year. The 2nd spot was grabbed by Toyota RAV4, which is one of the only 3 models to witness growth in the leaderboard with sales clocked at 995,762 units, up 4.5% from the previous year.

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Honda CR-V was at the 3rd place creeping up 1 spot in the Top-10 with 736,980 units although it sold 9.2% less units in 2020. The 4th position was taken by Honda Civic with 687,704 units, down 15.8% from the previous year followed by Toyota Camry at the 5th place which moved 1 spot up in the charts with 609,303 in 2020 but down by 12.9% when compared to previous year.

The 6th position is taken by the Volkswagen Tiguan, down 1 spot in the charts with sales of 596,898 units which is 19.6% less than last year, followed by the Nissan Sylphy which moved up by 7 spots with 546,631, registering the biggest growth in the leaderboard with 14.9% more units sold than previous year.

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Volkswagen Golf, down 1 spot was at the 8th place with 475,205 units, witnessing 30.4% less sales than 2019. And for the first time, the Toyota Yaris entered the world’s top 10 leaderboard with 458,578 units having seen 18% more sales than preceding year while the Honda Accord with 451,261 units was at the 10th place with 15.5% lesser sales when compared to previous year.

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