Xiaomi Applied for Hyperfactory and Gigafactory Trademarks

Xiaomi filed applications for a few interesting trademarks. The company has registered the names “Xiaomi EV Hyperfactory” and “Xiaomi Automobile Gigafactory,” indicating the next steps it intends to take on its EV journey.

In addition to the factory names, which imply a high pace of production, there are also certain trademarks pertaining to materials and products. There are “Xiaomi Titan” and “Xiaomi Titan Alloy” clearly pointing toward Xiaomi’s own alloys. Then there is the “Xiaomi Super Motor” which does not need any explanation. As of now, the trademark status is “awaiting review” at the China National Intellectual Property Administration Trademark Office.

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Xiaomi set out to create the super motor after formally announcing that it would develop an automobile. Two hypermotors—the HyperEngine V6 and V8, which are presently undergoing mass production—were the project’s output and will be fitted into the initial production run of Xiaomi SU7 models.

Xiaomi’s various EV tech

Furthermore, Xiaomi also self-developed a new 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform, which has a maximum voltage of 871V. In addition, it is collaborating with CATL to jointly develop Xiaomi’s 800V high-voltage battery pack. It is worth mentioning that Xiao also built its battery production factory. Xiaomi SU7 offers two CLTC cruising ranges of 668 km and 800 km. The 800V super fast charging platform can replenish the battery by 220 km with 5 minutes of charging and by 510 km with 15 minutes of charging. The numbers are better than the Tesla Model S Plaid which it directly competes with.

xiaomi su7 4

After introducing the SU7, the company’s first electric vehicle model, Xiaomi is currently concentrating on increasing its production capacity to enable it to smoothly reach consumers. A “Hyperfactory” seems like a smart way to go about it.

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