Yogomo 330- The Kia Picanto Clone in China

If you think you are looking at the 2nd generation Kia Picanto, you’d be wrong. The car in pictures is actually called Yogomo 330, an electric vehicle made by a small-scale Chinese automaker.

The Yogomo 330 measures 3,450mm long, 1,500mm wide, and 1,480mm tall having a wheelbase of 2,385mm. In comparison, the Kia Picanto measures 3,595/1,595/1,490mm which means the Yogomo 330 is marginally shorter in length, width and height but rides on the exact same 2,385mm wheelbase as that of Picanto.

Thankfully Yogomo has tried to make the interior different than that of Picanto. The dual-tone interior features a digital instrument panel, circular air vents, and a small LCD screen in the center console.

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The 330 comes with both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries delivering a driving range between 80km to over 250km, depending on the version. All models feature an electric motor rated at 13kW or 17.5hp capable to achieve a top speed of 60 km/h.

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