11th Gen Toyota Corolla Enters 10th Year of Production in Pakistan

Indus Motor Company (IMC) introduced the 11th-gen Toyota Corolla in Pakistan in July 2014. Fast forward to July 2023, this generation of Corolla has officially entered its 10th year of manufacturing in the country after completing 9 years of manufacture (read: assembling).

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IMC has been selling locally assembled Corolla models in Pakistan since May 1993 when the 7th gen Toyota Corolla was introduced. Before the inception of IMC, all Corolla generations arrived here as CBU imports both in the form of new and refurbished vehicles. The 7th generation Corolla is frequently recognized as the longest-running locally assembled Corolla vehicle, having been dragged until March 2002 because IMC chose not to introduce the 8th generation model for Pakistan.

Indus Corolla-BW

Technically speaking, the 7th generation Corolla left the IMC plant for 106 months, from May 1993 to March 2002. The 11th gen Corolla, on the other hand, has been assembled since July 2014 and in July 2023 has completed 108 months already. This means the 11th-gen is now officially the longest-running locally assembled Corolla generation in Pakistan. With no replacement in sight, it will likely be dragged for another couple of years before the new generation model replaces it.

Corolla Altis X

With this, the 11th-gen Corolla also joins a long list of cars that were produced in Pakistan for over a decade without undergoing any significant change/ upgrade. The list includes Suzuki Bolan/ Ravi, Suzuki Mehran, Suzuki Alto (5th gen), Suzuki Cultus (MK-II), 2nd-gen Suzuki Swift, 5th-gen Honda City, and Daihatsu Cuore to name a few.


Bear in mind the 12th-gen Toyota Corolla debuted in the hatchback form in April 2018 and in sedan form in November 2018 and has already received a facelift last year. It will be completing its standard 6-year production period in 2024. And with speculative renderings of the 13th gen model already surfacing the internet, the new-generation Corolla will likely debut in international markets by late 2024 or early 2025.

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It is yet unclear for how long IMC will keep dragging the 11th-gen Corolla here, perhaps they have the record of the 5th-gen Honda City in sight which was dragged in Pakistan for almost 12 years & was replaced by a globally discontinued 6th-gen model in 2021 instead of the current 7th-gen City. We will have to wait to see whether IMC will forego the 12th-gen Corolla for Pakistan and introduce the 13th-gen when it arrives, or perhaps will introduce the 12th-gen here once it is done from the rest of the world.

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